Production and technology

Quality is the most important requirement

Our quality politics:

To accomplish our partners’ needs with quality standard casts, guidance and fail-safe assignments’ fulfillment.


Our modern foundry

We make with modern resources and experienced colleagues the technologically most modern chill-castings to about 20 kg, in short and medium banks, in every common alloy.



dscf0031The CADCAM helps us to plan and produce the tool. The tool-making is equipped with modern 3D tool-machines.

ERP System

Thanks for the production directing and quality assurance computer programs and the qualified staff, we can do our best in:

  • observe the time limit
  • expense economy and low price
  • flexible accomplishment
  • quality products

These are important and essential conditions to survive at the market with you!

Everything in one place

FoundryWe can accomplish your charge from tool-making (chill) to heat-treated cast. We work with modern producing procedures and equipments just as well-qualified, motivated staff.

Professional advising, saving in costs, rational working practises, the best quality are our brand!

You can glance into our activity: