Data sheets of aluminium alloys

We made out data sheets about the most common alloy aluminium castings, in five groups below:

Application of our alloys

The development of the casting makes possible to apply the complex alloys.

Our aluminium chill-casting alloys are used in the following places:

  • Vehicle producing (Knorr- Bremse Ltd.: brake equipment accessories)
  • Equipment producing (filter equipment accessories)
  • Machine producing (oil pump accossories: Kracht Ltd.)
  • Equipment producing (gear-wheel accessories)
  • Agricultural engineering (small agricultural machines’ accessories)

The advantages and features of the aluminium

The casting to the chill (recyclable casting tool) is possible for the appriciate of the casting, in small and medium run, the size correctness is 0,1 mm.

What we have to know about the aluminium

alu_tombokThe most important basic commodity is the bauxite, which was named after the LES BAUX village south from Avignon, where they first started to mine (the found in 1821).

Main locality : India, Brasil, West-Africa, USA, Hungary, France

They have to clean the metal from the strange materials. The red mud is prepared by the smelting and ceramic industry.