The advantages and features of the aluminium

The casting to the chill (recyclable casting tool) is possible for the appriciate of the casting, in small and medium run, the size correctness is 0,1 mm.

Big advantage of the aluminium the thin heaviness. The good workability and several surface treatment possibility – for example: heat-treatment, sublimation – make more possibility to the limitless availability.
The aluminium is attack stagnant and resist the weather impacts.

The aluminium chill casting is excellent fluid so it is able to make exact, slim alloys. Thanks to the close grained structure, they have good strength features and the contour troth of the surface is enough high.

With the aluminium we can make complex alloys which satisfy high quality requirements.

Alloy before process…

…and after

Ház (Knorr-Bremse Kft.)
Choosing the several alloys it is possible to put the most important feature forward for the customer.

The “PK” Aluminium Foundry Ltd. makes technologically nice products with modern tools from several alloys with chill casting to 20 kg weight limit for some years.