Data sheets of aluminium alloys

We made out data sheets about the most common alloy aluminium castings, in five groups below :

We can make castings from every kind of alloys, but if you want from the most various other alloys.

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Characteristics  (back)

ENAC-43000ENAC AlSi10Mg /a/ It can be tempered, Al-Si alloy with very good foundry work technician’s quality. After annealing it can achieve good rigidity rate. The addoptation takes place where the requirement is good corrosion stagnant. Well workable.
ENAC-42000ENAC AlSi7Mg This alloy – according to its good foundry work technician’s quality – is suitable for sand and chill casting. It’s corrosion stagnant is good. With annealing you can achieve good rigidity rate. Well machinable. It makes head of dynamic debit, it is pressure resist, good rigidity and persistent.
ENAC-46000ENAC AlSi9Cu3 /Fe/ It is elaborate, slim glut but it is limited corrosion stagnant alloy. It’s aging resist is harmonic with Si content. It’s balance quality affects the warm.
ENAC-44100ENAC AlSi12 /b/ Mainly for slim glut and elaborate chill alloy. Here is very good the fluidity quality, excellent form complete ability. It isn’t liable for chop.Vibration and pressure resist alloy with favourable corrosion stagnant.

Mechanical features  (back)

Marking Casting method Heat-treatmentstatus Tensile strengthRm, MPa, min. Flux boundRP0.2, MPa, min. StrechA50mm, % min. Brinnel-temper
ENAC-43000ENAC AlSi10Mg /a/ chill-casting Normal FHeat-treated T6 180260 90220 2.51 5590
ENAC-42000ENAC AlSi7Mg chill-casting Normal FHeat-treated T6 170260 90220 2.51 5590
ENAC-46000ENAC AlSi9Cu3 /Fe/ chill-casting Normal F 170 100 1 75
ENAC-44100ENAC AlSi12 /b/ chill-casting Normal F 170 80 5 55

Technological features  (back)

Marking Corrosionendurance Pressureendurance Weldability Machinability Burnishibility
ENAC-43000ENAC AlSi10Mg /a/ B B A normál -hőkezelt A D
ENAC-42000ENAC AlSi7Mg B/C B B normál -hőkezelt A C
ENAC-46000ENAC AlSi9Cu3 /Fe/ D C F normál B C
ENAC-44100ENAC AlSi12 /b/ B/C A B normál C D


A: excellent

B: good

C: appropriate

D: flimsy

E: not offered

F: inappropriate

B/C: little difference

Phisical features  (back)

Marking Specific weightat 20Co kg./dm3 Linearheat expansionat 20-200Co/K293-373K Heat conductingability20-200Co W /cm K/ Electric conductingabilityMS/m
ENAC-43000ENAC AlSi10Mg /a/ 2.65 21 150-170 19-25
ENAC-42000ENAC AlSi7Mg 2.65 22 150-170 19-25
ENAC-46000ENAC AlSi9Cu3 /Fe/ 2.6 21 110-120 13-17
ENAC-44100ENAC AlSi12 /b/ 2.65 20 130-160 16-23

Chemical combination  (back)

Marking Casting method Combination in percent (%) Application
Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti
ENAC-43000ENAC AlSi10Mg /a/ Chill- casting 9-11 0.55 0.05 0.45 0.20-0.45 0.1 0.15 Machine partsbrakes stb.
ENAC-42000ENAC AlSi7Mg Chill- casting 6.5-7.5 0.55 0.20 0.35 0.20-0.65 0.15 0.25 machines, brakes,profiles
ENAC-46000ENAC AlSi9Cu3 /Fe/ Chill- casting 8-11 1.3 2.0-4.0 0.55 0.05-0.55 1.2 0.25 machinecomponents
ENAC-44100ENAC AlSi12 /b/ Chill- casting 10.5-13.5 0.65 0.15 0.55 0.1 0.15 0.20 wings, truss-bodies,pressure- holder,vibrating resistant