The brand of adaptability, competence and quality :

“PK” Aluminium Casting Ltd. = Quality assurance

Since the foundation of the “PK” Aluminium Casting Ltd. in 1982 it came the chill-casting, the tool-making and various additional works.
We built a new modern factory in 2002 so we are now ready to the investments and we are one of the partner-oriented plants.

Our renewal consists (without the claim of the fullness):

  • two 300 m2 manufacturing and storing places each
  • investment of modern machines and equipments
  • well-educated, classified colleagues
  • quality assurance system (ISO9001)

thanks to the experienced and motivated community.

We can produce nowadays the technologically most exacting aluminium chill-casts, for example:

  • brake-mountings
  • oil-pumps
  • machine equipments, etc.