What we have to know about the aluminium

alu_tombokThe most important basic commodity is the bauxite, which was named after the LES BAUX village south from Avignon, where they first started to mine (the found in 1821).

Main locality: India, Brasil, West-Africa, USA, Hungary, France

They have to clean the metal from the strange materials. The red mud is prepared by the smelting and ceramic industry.

The clear aluminium is prepared by the packing industry, housekeeping equipment producers, to holding and transport equipment and in powder shape.

The enclosed alloys assign the features and advantages of the aluminium castings. For industrial aims they mix to the clear aluminium some litter.

We separate secunder and smelter aluminium alloys. The casting industry can save valuable materials and energy as well. The re-utilization of the litter use less energy than exploit the new metal.

dscf0092The aluminium is very environmentally sound.

The aluminium accessories last very long and they are re-utilizable. The mix to constant alloys by liquiscent material.